Techano delivers design for Cargosafe

Techano was given the contract for finalizing the design of the advanced 3D Active Heave Compensated crane for the van Aalst group late 2016. During spring 2017, the design has been finalized and delivered.

CargoSafe is a compact add-on tool for cranes for 3D compensated lifts, eliminated all 6 axis of vessel motions. The unit compensates the crane tip motions using its own motion reference unit. The system is powered by the hydraulics of the crane.

An adapter installed on the crane tip allows for an easy mounting and/or dismounting of the CargoSafe. With a plug and play philosophy, the crane can be brought back to its original state within a short period of time.


Fig. 1 The CargoSafe crane tool.


Simultaneously Techano have developed an optimized and tailormade offshore crane for the Cargosafe, the TC 2220 KO. The crane also comprises of a separate 10T winch, with optional AHC, capable of 15T harbor lifts as well. Crane outreach and height set to meet the industry requirements, both within the oil&gas market as well as renewables and offshore windmills. The CargoSafe 3D AHC crane can easily be mounted pending on type of crane operation. The crane winch is also fully functional with CargoSafe in place.


Fig. 2 The Techano TC 2220 KO crane.