We can and we will!

This autumn, we made the impossible possible!
Within a period of 15 days, we solved the complex challenge of design, produce, mobilize and demobilize a Cofferdam to lay a dry weld, 7 meters below the sea level.
On & Offshore Services responded imidiately to the challenge and did a solid job in project management and rigging. Along the way, O.E. Hagen diving company
were introduced to the project and supplied the project with their experience when it came to making the construction watertight enough do perform the welding.
By trusting the local expertice, the rig left, on time, to a reasonable lower cost than the alternatives.

  Cofferdam_03 Cofferdam_02 Commerdam_01

We will thank, both the operating company and the rig owner for trusting us and letting us participate on this fantastic journey!